5 Options To Cut Down Your Phone Bills
All you need to know about iTunes Radio
10 Things To Look For When Buying Antivirus Software

5 Options To Cut Down Your Phone Bills

You may not know this, but you are probably paying way more for your phone service than you should be. If you have already paid hundreds or thousands of dollars for telephone bills over the years, it is about time you stop making this mistake. Do not let your phone bills send you into shock. Instead of overpaying, you should now consider getting a better, budget-friendly perspective on your phone bills by considering one of the following options.

Bundle Your Services

If you have a cell phone or landline, cable and high-speed Internet, then the biggest source of savings you can enjoy on your phone bills is to bundle all of your services with a single provider. By bundling your services, you can potentially save about $20 or more. This way, there will be only one bill that you will have to pay, and you may get an even better deal with introductory offers and new customer rebates. However, you will most likely have to sign a contract to bundle your services, and in many bundle offers, the rate often turns out to be much higher than the low introductory rate. If you bundle your services, you will also be subject to hidden fees and taxes.

Ditch Your Landline

Most of us are already using cell phones instead of landline telephones, for a majority of our calls. If your cell phone usage also exceeds your landline telephone usage to a great extent, then why not just cancel your traditional telephone service and make all your calls from your cell phone. The fact that you will be cutting down your current landline plan, for local and/or long-distance calls, is among the potential savings. This way, there will be one less bill for you to pay, and you will be able to answer all your calls on the go. However, you could incur overage charges if unlimited minutes are not included in your cell phone plan, and you could end up getting disconnected from your contacts if you forget to charge your battery. You may also have to be wary of call quality.

Cancel the Extras

If there is a bunch of features, such as caller ID, call waiting, etc. that come bundled with your phone service, unbundling the ones you do not need or use may save you money. Find out the cost of a primary phone line with no frills attached from your service provider. Then, you can just shop for each service that you really need separately, and it should not cost you more than $5 per extra feature that you add on. Your potential savings in this case will vary, but usually, the cost of a primary phone is about $22 per month, with fees and taxes included. This way, you pay only for what you want, and customizing the phone services becomes possible. However, you may not get as many extras as you do in a bundled package.

Compare & Shop

If you are not satisfied with the current deal you are getting from your phone service provider, then you can find a better rate by shopping around. When it comes to phone service, you will find plenty of options. Depending on you and your locale, your potential savings will vary. Although this will require a bit of effort, you will no longer have to worry about the fact that you are not getting the best rate possible.

Switch To VoIP Like KNCTR

KNCTR – free VoIP desktop app that will give you the ability to stay connected with your loved ones. Once you have this app on your desktop, you will be able to call any cell phone or landline phone number across North America from your computer, absolutely free. The app will also provide you with daily video content and the latest news along with your favorite social networks. All you need is the KNCTR app, a headset plugged into your computer, and an Internet connection. It will become that easy for you to make free phone calls anywhere in Canada and the United States at no additional charge, whether you want to make local and/or long distance calls. KNCTR will also prove to be an excellent travel tool, as well. You will be able to stay in touch and call back your loved ones for free, wherever you go. Once you have purchased this app. the potential savings will be significant since you will be making free calls, although you will need to have access to a computer and high-speed Internet to make calls.

The proposition of keeping in touch can seem expensive when you have to pay bulky phone bills every month. Fortunately, you can cut back and save money on your phone bills by taking advantage of one of the above.

All you need to know about iTunes Radio

iTunes radio is a free internet based radio app that is provided on the new iteration of the popular Apple operating system iOS 7. It debuted in the market on September 18, 2013 and is currently only available in the United States. This service enables the user to access more than two hundred and fifty genres and DJ curated radio stations. The design of this radio station is intended to select music for you to listen based on the music that you download and play on iTunes. This way they will be able to provide you with customized radio channels that are specific to your tastes. Here is all you need to know about iTunes Radio.


iTunes radio is able to build entire radio stations around the music that you like. It monitors the songs that you have in your iTunes library both those that are downloaded from the online store and those that you have copied from CDs. It then provides you with an option to play more songs like it. Creating a station based on music that you like is actually quite simple. You start by selecting a song, artist, or genre and once the song starts playing there is a star button that brings up your options. The options available are either play more like that song or never play it again.

iTunes radio has also leveraged its number one position as the top music retailer to create some truly unique radio station options. There are a number of artist dedicated channels that play music from particular artistes such as Katy Perry, Drake, and The Beatles. There are also guest DJ stations hosted by people like actor Jared Leto.

The iTunes radio service is provided free and is therefore supported by audio ads. However, if you would rather have your music ad free, you can do so with $25 and a subscription to iTunes Match. The Match service enables you to upload your iTunes library to the cloud. It is also important to mention that iTunes radio has some very unique and interesting preprogrammed radio channels.

Pros of iTunes Radio

You are able to fine tune the stations that you create depending on your personal preferences. This allows you to select whether you want it to help you discover new music or you are only interested in hearing the hits. With the clout of iTunes on your side, you will get some truly unique radio channels such as guest DJ stations with Katy Perry and Jared Leto. There are no other internet based radio streaming services that provide this.

iTunes Radio is built into the music app on devices that are using iOS 7 so there is no app to download. For anyone interested in using this service on a desktop computer it is integrated into the new iTunes software Furthermore, since all of your stations are stored in iCIoud all your devices get in on the action without the need for syncing.

Lastly, it has Siri integration which means that you can use voice commands to control it.

Cons of iTunes Radio Currently the service is only available to US clients. However, you can access it if you have a US iTunes account.


After some time, the speed of a computer with a Microsoft Windows can retard. This shows that the system is taking more time to load to the user’s actions such as opening folders, files, surfing the internet or other tasks. Although, there are steps a person can take in order to increase the speed of a computer. In this context, the main agenda is about how to speed up a PC and the ways of doing so are as follows:

Speed up the startup

If a person can afford the solid-state hard drive, then he should install it on the computer, and it will make an older PC look new again. Several services and programs automatically restart every time a person turns on his computer. These programs include antivirus protections, which are wanted but a couple of them are not required. Hence this is the reason why a cluttered startup is required in order to enhance the speed of the computer

Uninstall unused programs

Over time, an individual may have installed a lot of programs on his computer that he does not use. Whenever a program or software is installed on a computer, it creates links between the operating system and the program. Even if a person does not use these programs or software, they can retard the system. Uninstalling these programs will create free space on the computer and speed up the person’s system performance. Scan for viruses, Adware and Spyware

Any Windows computer is prone to viruses. A virus is a very nasty little program that causes both minor and significant problems for users

Adware and Spyware are programs which are created by companies for finding out more data concerning clients; thus they can enhance market products towards them. These programs can slow down the computer memory, hence, periodically retrieval and deleting of viruses, Adware and Spyware is a good way of improving the computer performance.

Automate the updates

Updates can be very nagging. It is easy to snap “remind me later” in order to avoid the notifications, to extent an individual is frustrated with the computer. To avoid this, a person should trace any programs that require to be updated manually via downloading an Update Checker. The free and fast program will scan the computer and give back the information with any existing updates in seconds. Also, the updates should be set in a way that they can be updated automatically.

Scanning of windows system for any errors

An operating system can be termed as a collection of folders that perform diverse functions. Over time, some of the system folders can be corrupted or changed. If this occurs, the speed of computer can decrease. Through the ability of a utility referred to as “system file checking”, the files and folders will be inspected and correct any hitch it comes across.

In conclusion, a computer’s speed can be enhanced through following the above stated and discussed ways. An efficient computer should be fast in its functions; hence the owner of a computer should ensure it fulfills all its commands as soon they are called

10 Things To Look For When Buying Antivirus Software

Are you aware of that there are several new spyware, trojans, worms and viruses coming out each week? Because of the quick growth of these malicious computer programs, people cannot afford to browse through the internet without having any strong security software. There are many things that you need to look at when buying the antivirus software. The following are 10 things to look for when buying antivirus software:

Scanning engine

Scanning engine is the major component of any antivirus software. It scans through each file available in your computer, searching for presence of a virus. Therefore, you need to look at the scanning engine to assist your computer easily detect presence of any virus.


This is also another important thing that you need to look at when purchasing antivirus software. Even though it is not easy to get an antivirus that can protect your computer 100% without any defect, it is better to choose antivirus that can block a bigger percentage of the viruses. There are certain brands that blocks up to 98% of the virus.


Nowadays, antivirus is not just a simple software with several functions inside and run numerous processes to protect your computer. As a result, certain antivirus may consume too much memory and slows down your computer. Therefore, you need to test out and choose programs that would not slow down your computer.

Specific features

A specific feature is another thing that you should look at. A single user has various requirements than a corporation or family which has many computers For instance, for a family, they may opt for a parental control features while for business, they may choose network protection, anti-spamming and firewall for their emails.


It is also essential to look at the prices for the antivirus since they varies according to brands. For instance, antivirus program with internet security protection will be costly than the standard antivirus program. The prices differ since internet security contains more protections and features than the normal antivirus program.


When buying an antivirus, you need to look at the originality since there are people who sell pirated antivirus versions which can affect your systems. Therefore, you need to buy the original antivirus programs from the main sites and not the unrelated sites since main sites also provide good customer care services.

Upgrades and updates

There are several antivirus programs which also require the purchase of upgrades and updates while there are some which provide the upgrades and updates on a periodic basis for a specific amount of time. Experts often suggest that you buy antivirus that offer valid free updates for one year. Therefore, you need to check on the upgrades and updates before you buy the virus protection software.


Do not just purchase antivirus program because you have heard someone talk about it, however it is important to check at the compatibility. Never purchase the program before you investigate its compatibility with the operating software (OS) Firms providing the software make various versions for various types of OS hence it is vital to look at the compatibility when buying the antivirus software.

Reputation and trust in the market

Just like the wish for any consumer, you need to buy antivirus that is trusted and recognized in the market. It is advisable to select a firm with a good record. Therefore, it is important to choose and buy antivirus from a firm that is trusted and highly recognized in the market.

Look at the customer reviews

For you to get an idea about a good antivirus program, you need to look online for the customer reviews about different programs. By doing so, you will get a secret behind the best antivirus which will help you choose the best program that will ensure maximum protection for your computer. Finally, the above ideas will assist you know some of the things you need to look for when buying antivirus software.

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